Influencer and UGC marketing have taken over the online world, and not without reason!

These two forms of marketing are an effective way to improve reach, engage audiences, and obtain attractive content.

Want to see for yourself? Don't stay behind and consider influencer or UGC marketing as a part of your marketing strategy!

You will need a trusted guide in the world of influencer and UGC marketing, who will assist you in finding suitable collaborations, prepare agreements to protect your brand, and oversee the results.

How can be help you as your guide?

1. Establishing objectives

We meet with you to get to know your brand, target audience, and needs. We discuss the product or service you want to promote, as well as establish your budget and framework.

2. Research

At this stage, we search for influencers and creators who meet the established criteria. We will find candidates for you regardless of the industry or country.

3. Selection

We create a list of the top influencers or creators. Then together, we select individuals with whom we will collaborate. We prepare a contract, which we consult with you.

4. Collaboration

We begin the collaboration, closely overseeing the process. We ensure that influencers or UGC creators send or publish materials within the agreed-upon deadlines. We monitor whether they meet the terms of the contract.

Increase reach trustworthiness engagement sales thanks to the most essential marketing tool of today!

What is the difference between influencer marketing and UGC marketing?

Influencer marketing:

  • In influencer marketing, content is created by influencers who promote products or services for companies in exchange for specified benefits;
  • Their content typically reaches larger audiences because influencers often have a significant number of followers;
  • Collaborating with influencers can be costly, especially when working with highly popular influencers.

UGC marketing:

  • It relies on user-generated content, which is the kind of content created by ordinary consumers using a company’s products/services in their daily lives or specifically for the purpose of producing content styled as UGC;
  • User-generated content includes, among other things, reviews, opinions, photos, videos, and comments;
  • UGC content can be perceived as more authentic because it is created by ordinary consumers or fans of the company;
  • UGC marketing is typically cheaper because user-generated content often gets created spontaneously.
MOKO Creative Studio team

Unlock the promotional potential of influencer and UGC marketing! Get in touch with us, and we will help you establish a safe and effective collaboration!

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